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Security Supervisor

Job Description and Requirements


Protect personnel and property in a professional manner
Supervise a team of (10 – 15 securities)
Assign the team tasks and responsibilities
Meet and deal tactfully and politely with general public and visitors
Effectively and efficiently process visitors
Identify, report, delay or detain persons who violate rules and regulations
Conduct internal and external roving foot patrols
Detect and respond to alarms and emergencies
Secure entrances and exits during emergencies
Control keys and lock combinations
Communicate and remain accessible via any ways (approved later by the company like : line phone or cellular phone)
Understand and comply with all requirements defined within company documents to include: Post and General Orders, plans, policies, procedures.
Observe and report all offenses/incidents
Complete all reports and paperwork as required
Provide first aid and assist during emergencies as necessary.
Maintain physical fitness, agility requirements, and weapons qualifications.
Ensure safety requirements compliance and safe work practices.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Regular, in-person attendance is required.

The ideal candidate would have the following expertise

Must have verifiable documentation of a least one experience level and at least one educational level or any reasonable combination listed below:

Experience and Education Requirements
A minimum of two (2) years of security (armed) or law enforcement experience; or
A Minimum of two (2) years of honorable service as a member of any Armed Forces Component.
Received a High School from an accredited learning institution
A minimum of 4 years in a related field
Must fluently speak, read, comprehend, and compose coherent written reports in English.
Must be a minimum of 22 Years of age.