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Job Description and Requirements

Description of Role: 
1. New Client Acquisition 
2. Follow up on Leads Generation 
3. Tender / Presentation Submission 
4. Commercial Negotiations & Deal closing 
5. Relationship Management 
6. Sourcing New Business from Existing Client 
7. Creating Continuous Opportunity for existing resources 
8. Developing the Sales Strategy 
9. Team Building
10. Management Information System (MIS) 

Objectives of the function:

1. Working proactively so as to ensure smooth functioning of company operations. 
2. To ensure that all dealings of the company are conducted scrupulously, timely and in compliance with company policies. 
3. Recording all Client movements and other Client information to update and maintain accurate records. 
4. To ensure that all admin information is well documented and easily accessible.

Key Responsibilities:

1. New Client Acquisition -

1. Conduct the market research of local country 
2. Identify the potential business opportunities 
3. Evaluate the client (KYC) 
4. Meet the client with our sales materials 
5. Understand the client needs 
6. Filter the client whoever we can adopt 
7. Follow up the client 
8. Convince the client to buy our product

2. Follow up on Leads Generation -

1. Planning the priority lead generation 
2. Brief the Field Operator on lead priority 
3. Direct the Field Operator and brief the strategy 
4. Guide the Filed Operator about the geographical / nature of the business should he reach
5. Provide the adequate materials to record the leads on field 
6. Follow up the Field Operator to submit the leads to SMBD Coordinator on daily basis 
7. Follow up with SMBD Coordinator to proceed further with the 


3. Tender / Presentation Submission -

1. Coordinate with the client for all inputs for tender / proposal costing 
2. Coordinate with inter-department within our organization to get all internal inputs for tender / proposal preparation 
3. Prepare the supporting / presentation documents 
4. Request with client for presentation meeting 
5. Provide the adequate materials to record the leads on field 
6. Present on time for any presentation at client side 
7. Prepare yourself prior for tender / proposal presentation with 
adequate presentation materials. 
8. Professionally make the presentation

4. Commercial Negotiation / Deal Closing -

1. Collect the inputs from client and internal organization and provide the information to Sourcing Department for cost sheet preparation 
2. Get the cost sheet from Sourcing and forward to Commercial 

with your inputs 
3. Justify the price with commercial and get it approve 
4. Forward the proposal to the client 
5. Setting up the meeting with client to justify the price / terms in 

case client is not agreeing. 
6. Justify and re-negotiate with client and BFD Commercial in case the price should be revised. 
7. Get the client and BFD Commercial to agree the proposal 
8. Once the proposal signed, then inform to sourcing for NPR and 
Operations for mobilization. 

5. Relationship Management -

1. Visit the existing client periodically to understand any issues 
2. Forward the issues to Operations to sort out immediately in case 
there are any issues. 
3. Update the client that issues have been taken care and sorted 

4. Try to understand the business near future with the client 
5. Understand the client project duration and ending the project to 

plan the resources accordingly. 
6. Have the strong personal relationship with client personnel 

6. Sourcing New Business From Existing Client -

1. Visit the existing client periodically to understand the client 

work load. 
2. Always stay connected with the client to get the update of 

upcoming projects. 
3. Indentify the potential business opportunities with the client. 
4. Present to the client that we can fulfill the requirement. 
5. Constantly follow up with the client for new business 


7. Creating Continuous Opportunity for Existing Resources -

1. Keep the track of all existing project expiries. 
2. Work on priority basis for the existing resources continuous 
3. Circulate the available resources list to all known contacts to 

keep them inform that resources are available shortly. 
4. Plan in advance to contact / visit the previous / current / new clients for the resources become available shortly. 
5. Keep the client inform that the contract is coming and end and 

they have to take action to extend further to avoid any discontinuation in case client want to extend the contract. 

8. Developing the Sales Strategy -

1. Do the continuous market survey and market study. 
2. Understand the market favorable / non favorable condition of 

the current business. 
3. In case market condition is non favorable for current busin
ess strategy, then understand the reasons. 
4. List out the problems of current market strategy. 
5. Describe the new sale strategy in line with new market trend. 
6. List out all the favorable points to justify the new business 

strategy to the management. 
7. Get the new sales strategy approved by the management. 
8. Train all subordinates in line with new business strategy 
9. Closely monitor the subordinates on the execution of new sales 
10. Prepare the outcomes / output against the new business 

strategy and submit to the management. 

9. Team Building -

1. Continuously identify new team members. 
2. Justify to the management to hire a team member. 
3. Select the right candidate by professional HR interview process. 
4. Plan properly the training programs. 
5. Evaluate the performance of subordinate every 3 months. 
6. Identify the on job training needs. 
7. Develop the training strategy for the week areas of the subordinate. 
8. Provide the in house / outdoor training program for subordinate 
9. Make sure that effective training program has been provided to 

the subordinate. 
10. Get the output of entire team towards to the companies growth. 

10. Management Information System (MIS) -

1. All resources deployment details should be in hand at all time 
2. All client details should be in hand at all time 
3. All proposal details should be in hand at all time 
4. Market research is an continues process and time to time market 
update should be readily available in hand at all times