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Job Description and Requirements
Familiarity with Safety and Health regulation (HSSE)
Proven experience in performing site preventive maintenance
Experience with:
  1. o Linear filling lines
  2. o Rotary lines (Advantage)
  3. o Oil Blending Systems (Automatic Batch Blending, In-Line Blending, Convention Blending and Simultaneous Blending)
Experience with:
  1. o PD Meters Troubleshooting and tests
  2. o Troubleshooting the process equipment (Valves, Filters, Strainers, Mixers...)
  3. o Actuators troubleshooting (Pneumatic)
  4. o Pump repairs and maintenance
  5. o Forklift servicing experience/knowledge is an advantage
  6. o Compressors, dryers, Thermal Oil Boilers and Steam Boilers
  7. o Hose Repairs and End fitting/coupling installations
  8. o Gasket installation and Flange alignments
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Demonstrate the ability to influence others while building and maintaining effective relationships across all disciplines