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Job Description and Requirements

Job Purpose:
To perform internal financial and risk management audits in the organization, by reviewing the accounts of the company and ensuring the validity and legality of the company's financial records.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Collating, checking and analysing spreadsheet data.
  2. Examining company accounts and financial control, systems.
  3. Checking that financial reports and records are accurate and reliable.
  4. Ensuring that assets are safeguarded.
  5. Identifying if and where processes are not working as they should and advising on changes to be made.
  6. Preparing reports, comentaries and financial statements.
  7. Liaising with managerial staff and presenting findings and recommendations

Minimum Requirement:

  • 4-6 years of relevant experience
  • Training iin financial auditing
  • Nationality: Arabs Only
  • Minimum Educational Qualification: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting / BCOM
  • Preferred Age: 25-35