BAC Middle East
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Job Description and Requirements

 looking for a Finance Executive who will be Managing Bank and Cash transactions with at least 5 years of experience in Freight Forwarding / Logistics company

is required to study the financial transactions made by the organization and prepare financial reports based on the available data.
needs to share the financial reports with the senior company officials.
may be required to suggest ways of improving the company’s financial condition after reviewing the financial reports.
is required to work on the finance software installed to record the financial transactions.
required to key in the details of the various financial transactions made by the company officials in the software.
needs to prepare financial statements.
is involved in providing inputs while the senior company officials plan the budget.
is also involved in preparing finance policies and processes for the company.
needs to determine the financial requirements of the company.
is required to look for ways to raise the company’s funds.
is involved in managing the fixed assets of the company.
is also required to manage the company’s working capital.
is also given the task of controlling the company’s funds.
is required to prepare the annual accounts for the company.
needs to perform internal finance audits from time to time in order to ensure that the company finances are being managed appropriately.
is required to review and upgrade the financial plans from time to time.


Advanced degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field;
5 years of experience in a finance role in Freight Forwarding / Logistics company; 
superior mathematical skills;
leadership skills and experience; 
employee management; 
understanding of data privacy standards; 
solid communication skills, both written and verbal; 
deep understanding of business principles and practices; 
superior attention to detail; 
organisational skills;
planning skills; 
research skills; 
analytical skills; 
critical thinking skills; 
problem-solving skills;
computer skills; 
multi-tasking abilities;
integrity, honesty.