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Specialist - ICT Solutions Design & Proposal

Job Description and Requirements


Employment type: Full Time


Industry: Telecommunication


  • 5 – 10 Years of experience
  • Proven practitioner for ICT and ICT environments
  • Proven practitioner in all facets of ICT warehouse and BI Strategy & Architecture (Technology, People and Process)
  • 3 years in defining and driving ICT Warehousing / BI multi-year Roadmaps



  • Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Computer Science / IT.
  • Strong program management experience, for IS projects
  • Good understanding of technical aspects relating to the entire Telecommunication BSS & OSS landscape



  • Build, manage and publish the overall architecture layout of the ICT solutions along all associated layers such as the ingestion layer, ICT platform layer, analytics layers, and platform layers
  • Create and manage the deployment of the integration strategies between the platform and ICT Platform layers and the infrastructure layers.
  • Build, curate, and store ICT products based on ICT sets and other ICT based solutions to fulfill customers’ requirements
  • Publish the architectural blueprints and guidelines for the OEM vendors to develop and deploy the solutions for all the layers of the ICT.
  • Establish standards for ICT management to ensure the treatment of the ingested ICT is uniform across the ICT platform.
  • Develop the individual analytics workflows for each type of ICT solutions.