ERC International
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Senior Manager - Contract & Relationship Management

Job Description and Requirements

Industry: Entertainment

Employment type: Full Time

Language: Native English Speaker



  • At least 7 years’ experience of working on the contract management field, preferably in the retail and hospitality or leisure and entertainment industries in the middle east.
  • Direct work experience from the management of high value contracts.
  • Strong understanding of theme park and hotel industries is desirable.


Bachelor’s Degree in business or a degree in a subject such as Legal if preferred.



  • To Monitor the deliverables of the contract.
  • Financial supervision and ensuring the cost effectiveness of project delivery.
  • To understand fully the duties and responsibilities of each party.
  • To act on the best interest of the owner and the contract terms and conditions.
  • To raise any concerns regarding the performance of the partners.
  • Monitor the implementation of the action plan and its impact.