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Job Description and Requirements
  1. Qualifications. CPL-H holder with IR, FI and valid medical. Must have minimum 2000 hours helicopter experience, minimum 1000 instructional experience hours and type rating on R-44.
  2. Responsibilities. He will work under and report to the Chief Flying instructor. He will be required to perform following duties:-
    1. Impart flying instructions as per the syllabus of a course.
    2. Keep close watch on the progress of a student and keep the next higher in chain informed about the same.
    3. Keep updated records of the students.
    4. Conduct classes for helicopters in ground school once not committed with the flight instructions.
    5. Follow all safety procedures as per regulations and educate students on all such aspects for safe conduct of flying training.
    6. Perform any other duty as assigned by the Head of Operations/CFI/management.