Al Ain University of science and Technology
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lab Supervisor college of Pharmacy

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description:

  • Preparation of the reagents and chemicals required for each experiment and practical according to instructions.
  • Calibrations and standardization of each instrument and equipment before each operation following the standard operating procedures (SOP)( Including the periodical recorded calibration
  • Arranging the college store of chemicals, glassware and equipment using Good storage practice procedures (GSP).
  • Assumes Full responsibility to prepare all the laboratory work inside the assigned laboratories.
  • Helping the students in their practical courses by advising them about the safety instructions and precautions taken during their presence in the lab
  • Receiving the purchased items of equipment. Glassware and chemicals from the company representatives
  •  Conduct the assigned college administrative work. 


     Assisting the members of staff in carrying out certain research projects


    Organize and follow up the arrangements and the safety  of the college store


    Follow up the Maintenance of Equipment and  instruments in the college of Pharmacy.


Job Requirements:

  • Considerable knowledge of the instruments and Techniques   used in laboratory work.
  • Considerable knowledge of the basic principles of Medical, chemical, biological, and biomedical Analysis.
  • Ability to organize, communicates, and work with others in an effective manner.
  • Ability to supervise and schedule the work of others.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing