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Job Description and Requirements

Responsibilities:Define  detection  &  screening  strategies  using  simulations  and calibration using individual weight factors and thresholds.Execute mass and real-time detection and stop anomalies or irregular transactions.Manage alert workload with efficient evaluation, qualification and remediation of issues.Monitor key performance indicators and create management reports.Execute mass and real-time detection, and stop exception-related business transactions.Detect irregularities as early and as precisely as possible to avoid damages, without manual work.Real-time alerting and option to hold problematic transactions in business systems to avoid damages.Manage alert workload with efficient evaluation, qualification, and remediation.Take advantage of calibration of existing strategies with weight factors and threshold to reduce false positives.Cases of significant irregularities can be uploaded to leverage SAP Process Control comprehensive issue management.Monitor key performance indicators and create management reports.Measure performance, monitor and optimize the quality of investigation.

Requirements:Should have 7-8 Years with 2-3 SAP GRC and 2-3 SAP Audit and Fraud Management project Implementation experience with sound Configurations and Customization knowledge.