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Senior Officer - Labs and Workshops (Ruwais Campus)

Job Description and Requirements
The Senior Officer – Labs and Workshops is responsible to implement, oversee and participate in the establishment of effective workshop and laboratory policies, guidelines and programmes in coordination with HCT staff, technicians and faculty across campus. Additionally, the incumbent is responsible to manage the installation, demonstration, maintenance and trouble-shooting of equipment and facilities. Furthermore, the incumbent is responsible to raise awareness on health and safety matters to students and faculty.


  • Establish, develop and reviews all laboratory and workshop safety policies and creates or modifies policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Oversee laboratories and workshops activities across campuses.
  • Educate students and employees on relevant health and safety regulations in labs and workshops.
  • Maintain records of risk assessments, hazard material handling, and periodic laboratory safety training, and schedule annual hazard training.
  • Demonstrate the use of machines, tools and equipment within the laboratory and workshop.
  • Receive, install and maintain laboratory equipment and supplies.
  • Control the distribution of consumable materials and ensures adequate inventory levels for supplies within the laboratory and workshops.
  • Maintain systems and procedures to track borrowed equipment and tools.
  • Maintain a schedule of preventative maintenance for all equipment and keeps adequate manuals and maintenance logs for equipment and parts.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field is required e.g. Computer Science.
  • Full English proficiency is required.
  • Advanced computer literacy is required e.g. MS Office, Banner, etc.
  • Minimum of two years of work experience in labs and workshops.

Refer to HCT's performance management framework for job-specific KPIs.