Saudi Aramco
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Retail Marketing Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

As a successful candidate, you will have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering, or other related technical fields. Advanced graduate degrees or certificates are desirable in business related areas, i.e., MBA, Master of Economics, Financial Management, Chartered Financial Analyst, or other professional certifications.

You will have a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in the fuel retail industry with three to five years working as an economic, business, or financial analyst and you will be proficient in a wide variety of statistical, financial and analytical tools. You will have experience in value and competitiveness analysis with a broad knowledge of strategic business and operation planning as in performance analysis relating to the supply, distribution, and marketing of refined petroleum products to end-use customers.

You will have a knowledge of fuel retail market dynamics and an understanding of any factors that affect business and supply chains for associated businesses and, as an ideal candidate, you will have gained and appreciation for the potential operating problems and various economic issues and dynamics and how they relate to planning and forecasting. You will have a proven ability to handle complex problems and issues in a rigorous and analytical fashion.

Leadership experience is preferred and you must be able to think and work independently, proactively, and in a dynamic, fast paced, and demanding work environment.

You will be proficient in oral and written English. Some proficiency in Arabic is beneficial, but not mandatory.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be expected to perform the following:

Ensure that business is managed and conducted in the best interests of shareholders. Evaluate, monitor, coordinate, and report key matters relating to operational and financial performance including any incidents or emergencies.

Review Business Plan & Operating Plan and develop specific strategies for the business, preferably in collaboration with other marketing specialists as well as technical and financial specialists.

Identify and manage the evaluation of investment opportunities and ensure that ownership interests are addressed and protected for Saudi Aramco.

Provide advisory and analytical support/assistance to Saudi Aramco management. 

Provide management assistance to the business or subsidiaries when needed through technical service agreements or special arrangements.

Prepare and administer service agreements with subsidiary companies, including to process requests by subsidiaries or JVs for Saudi Aramco services.

Ensure compliance with and provide guidance on subsidiary and JV agreements concerning Saudi Aramco (or its affiliates) as a Party such as Supply/Purchase Agreements, or as a Shareholder such as MOUs, Formation Agreements, Articles of Association, and Bi-Laws.

Keep fully abreast of subsidiary and JV projects, announcements, actions, as well as management and organizational changes.
In addition to internal auditing systems implemented by the businesses themselves, review and participate in annual external audit plans and highlight any concerns.

Prepare corporate reports such as annual reports and accountability reports and respond to requests for information or reports from the Saudi Government. 

Develop, recommend, and maintain downstream strategies and investment criteria. Prepare and coordinate Major Capital Project Presentations to Management.

Identify and recommend the implementation of strategies that achieve synergies between subsidiaries, JVs, and/or with Saudi Aramco on a commercial basis.

Promote and facilitate enhanced communication between Saudi Aramco and its affiliates by acting as a point of contact.

Promote good business relations with subsidiaries and JV partners.

Work on or with task forces to investigate major incidents or solve specific problems.

Act as a professional mentor to less senior specialists and develop Saudi professionals in the fuel retail business.

Provide expert advice and guidance and problem solving to Planning Management, analytical personnel, and Executive Management as needed, including, if and when needed, the evaluation and mobilization of outside consultants.

Regularly meet with clients and partners to discuss performance results, operations reviews, work management process reviews, benchmarking reviews, etc.