Saudi Aramco
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Business System Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

As a successful candidate, you should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business Administration, English Lecturer and Management Information Systems (MIS).

You must have a minimum of 12 years’ experience in Oil and Gas industry.

You should have strong analytical abilities, quantitative analysis skills, statistic modeling and IT knowledge. 

You should be experienced in managing all aspects of communication specially, writing & developing executive reports and business briefs.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Analysis and studies related to Oil and Gas industry.

Facilitate events and handling Public Affairs and Media inquiries.

Consolidate inputs from different entities inside and outside the company.

Develop studies/benchmark related to Oil and Gas industry.

Develop reports, briefs, speeches and letters.

Develop business cases.

Ensure data consistency/integrity and provide advice on quality control issues.

Manage challenging situations and difficult stakeholders.