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Aviation Maintenance Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, and an A&P license is preferred. 

A minimum of 5-8 years of experience in the manufacturing, testing, maintenance, or modification of airframe, engines, avionics, airframe systems, or related aircraft components.

Current knowledge of applicable FAA regulations and the ability to organize, plan, schedule, and follow through on technical programs and projects.

Excellent spoken and written English is required.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:  

Conduct a Bi-weekly search for new FAA/Manufacturer mandated data, manufacturer’s bulletins and service letters, and analyze and initiate department technical directives as applicable and necessary. 

Investigate and analyze maintenance problems, aircraft logs, inspection reports, and all other sources of technical data, and recommend methods and procedures to correct problem areas and improve department efficiencies.

Coordinate technical requirements and definitions with FAA agency officials, manufacturers, vendors and repair agencies.

Monitor and analyze aircraft and engine performance and reliability data.

Develop work scopes for any maintenance done at outside service vendors, and be responsible for oversight and follow-up on the activities.

Prepare manuals and train and develop Saudi Aramco engineers.

Represent Saudi Aramco in industry committees or specialized groups as appropriate.

Perform other miscellaneous duties related to your area of expertise as assigned by upper management.

Assist in special projects such as the design, installations, or modifications of new or existing facilities, the design of new tooling or maintenance stands.

Participate in developing an operating budget for maintenance.