Saudi Aramco
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Planning & Performance Management Team Lead

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a B.S. degree in engineering or equivalent technical field. M.S or PhD is desirable, but not required; intensive industry training including appropriate specialized courses and seminars is expected.

You will have at least 12 years of related experience including at least the last 5 years of intensive experience in your area of expertise. 

You must have strong experience with activity planning and operational schedule management. You will also have experience with performance management, process management, analysis & improvement projects. Experience with IT Systems & Data Management (non-Excel environment, supporting implementation of 3rd party system if necessary) is preferred.

You will communicate ideas clearly to work effectively with others, and you will utilize your technical knowledge to achieve practical results. Supervisors and Aramco Management must have confidence in your judgment and recommendations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Manage capture, analyze and report UR Well Delivery performance;

Assess continuous improvement opportunities of Well Delivery performance;

Lead UR Integrated Activity Plan development process for all UR Assets;

Perform scenario planning and optimize operational schedule.