Saudi Aramco
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Senior Corporate Strategy Advisor - Competitive Intelligence

Job Description and Requirements
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management or closely related discipline. Postgraduate Degree is highly desirable. 
  • Candidates will have steadily advanced his professional competence in his areas of expertise through personal study, relevant and expanding work experiences, seminars, professional contacts and extension courses. 
  • Must have the proven ability to handle complex problems in a rigorous, analytical fashion. Experience must have been sufficiently broad so as to allow incumbent to be effective in an assignment to all three planning areas. 
  • Must be able to work with minimum supervision on relatively unstructured tasks. Must know how and when to use a wide variety of statistical and financial analytical tools and have a working knowledge of petroleum economics, technology and accounting. Must be able to understand, interpret and communicate the rationale for corporate reporting requirements as related to business plans, manpower budgets, and capital and operating budgets to all levels of management. Must have the demonstrated ability to produce top quality written and oral reports, in English. He will have the demonstrated ability to advise and lead others toward accepting his recommendations while maintaining respect for differences in perceptions of what is desirable and feasible

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Excellent track record of adding value in both line operations and staff functions of a global corporation. In particular, experience in strategy and intelligence functions is an essential requirement. The ideal candidate is not a solely intelligence professional, rather a business professional who understands the fundamentals of the global oil and gas business, with full awareness of the role that insightful and forward thinking intelligence can play in making better management decisions. Candidates must have developed in-depth consulting for both upstream and downstream market segments on business performance and market performance. Successful candidate must be capable of generating well-written reports which provide senior leadership with insights on market movements, trends and intelligence.

• Broad and deep understanding of the oil and gas industry.
• Must have exceptional analytical abilities.
• Demonstrable ability to utilize information developed by an intelligence function to materially and positively impact company performance on a sustained basis.
• Decisive Thinker/Advisor: Able to distill the essence of an issue to two or three critical points. Understands how to engage and support senior executive decision making, building credibility to achieve trusted advisor status.
• Communications Skills: Speaks effectively in large groups and able to make clear presentations and arguments, writes high quality reports and briefs.
• Networking: Extrovert personality with strong cognitive skills allowing for building wide integral and eternal networks across multiple functions.
• Adaptability: Comfortable dealing with ambiguity and changing business environments.
• Performs special assignments of a highly complex nature significantly impacting Saudi Aramco. Determines how projects can be divided into manageable pieces and follows through with specialized and expert assistance, advice and guidance to achieve a successful conclusion.
• Originates, develops and recommends the implementation of new planning and analytical concepts and techniques in order to achieve better overall results in management and controls.
• Acts as the Company's foremost expert in his sphere of planning and analytical expertise.