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Engineering consultant – Process Facilities Planning Unconventional Resources

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, preferred in Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical, or an equivalent technical field.

You will have a minimum 15 years professional experience - at least 10 years in gas processing and NGL, and preferred experience in the field of shale gas. Fluent in English. 

You will normally achieved industry recognition through activities in professional societies and industrial organizations, such as ASME, ASCE, ASTM, API, NACE, SEI, and others.

Duties & Responsibilities:
As the successful candidate you will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:

Conduct feasibility studies on major additions/upgrade to gas processing and NGL facilities. 

Perform evaluations required to establish and support long-term business strategies related to gas and NGL facilities. 

Supervise and coordinate overall planning, control and appraisal of the project as defined by the approved scope.

Prepare conceptual designs.

Prepare written project justifications for presentation to executive/corporate management. 

Supervise, coordinate and direct preparation of the budget briefs, budget estimates, expenditure requests, economic analysis and authorization for expenditure.

Prepare scoping papers to define capital projects covering gas processing and NGL facilities. 

Develop facilities/fields master plans.

Interface with operating organizations, engineering, project management and corporate planning. 

Experience in process simulations.

Conduct studies to confirm the scoping requirements and justification for major gas investments.

Perform system and economic evaluations of existing and potential new gas processing and NGL facilities. 

Direct evaluation of major and NGL facilities as performed by others. 
Prepare and make presentations corporate management on gas processing and NGL operations issues. 

Supervise and coordinate planning to adjust to unanticipated changes in scope, materials and equipment delivery and cost.

Mentor young facilities planning engineers for future development to Facilities Planning Consultants positions.