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Hydrogen Carrier Expert

Job Description and Requirements
  • As the successful candidate, you should have a Ph.D. degree in materials science or a chemical engineering discipline.
  • You should have at least 10 years of industry experience.
  • You should also have proven capability in written/verbal communication skills, i.e., published papers and conference presentations, with demonstrated oral and published written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to apply first principles for problem solving and design solutions.
  • Expertize in synthesizing catalysts and hydrogen carrier materials, and expertize in hydrogen carrier production, overseas transportation, dehydrogenation, compression technologies, and related areas. 
  • You should have a strong and proven background in hydrogen carrier production processes, such as ammonia, methyl cyclohexane, liquid hydrogen, as well as being able to provide techno-economic assessment, process development and design, experimental design, and scaling-up of new processes related to hydrogen carrier areas and the hydrogen supply chain. 
  • Ability to identify technical gaps and challenges, and business opportunities in the hydrogen supply chain and hydrogen carrier areas. 
  • Proven record for proposing patentable ideas and integrating ideas into business. 
  • Good hands-on experience and knowledge in lab operations, and operating/assessing/optimizing catalytic reactors, and in scaling-up processes from lab to demonstration scale.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

  • Lead and efficiently manage research and development projects related to the hydrogen and hydrogen carrier production to meet objectives, timelines, and budgets. 
  • Develop and manage technologies from concept to production within a short-time span, and oversee process development using experimentation and modeling. 
  • Provide technical leadership to a team of scientists and engineers, and be responsible for their training and development. 
  • Perform economic evaluation to identify technical gaps and value creation opportunities that align with the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Design new processes and provide detailed designs from laboratory to demonstration scale.
  • Organize and lead teams for specific projects, and task, manage, and handle discussions with internal and external project reviews. 
  • Contribute technically to other projects, and provide help and support to other teams. Author technical reports, papers, and generate patent applications as appropriate.
  • Perform complex data analysis and interpret experimental results.
  • Publish research findings in high-impact peer reviewed technical journals and conferences; and stay current on recent research in the field by reading published literature.
  • Document analysis and experimental results in technical reports.
  • Develop special long-term research projects, keeping the balance between research and focused development for problem solving. Approach operational problems with a broad perspective, ensuring that relevant R&D as a capital investment, meets specific value targets.
  • Provide leadership in research and development efforts. Determines areas of research based on advanced technologies and changing expectations of proponents.
  • Evaluate major long-term trends in your area of expertise, and advise management on the application of new technologies. Serve as a major conduit of technology transfer in your field.