Saudi Aramco
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Process Engineer - Gas Treatment

Job Description and Requirements

A bachelor degree in chemical engineering. 

At least ten years of work experience in an oil and gas refinery.

At least five years in LPG separation. Familiarity with UOP Licensed Units is preferred.

Fluency in English, both verbal and written.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Provide support services and troubleshoot any problems that arise with operations.

Assist in improving the quality of products and reducing production costs.

Inspect and review operating activities and determine production schedules.

Perform optimization analysis, forecasts, economic reviews and evaluations on equipment / projects, operations and system operating strategies.

Perform supply and demand balances and conduct investigations to determine the root cause of specific issue in the plant.

Research ways to reduce production costs, develop production goals, and create schedules and plans for individual tasks.

Devise ways to improve systems while reducing costs, ensuring that work is completed within schedule, setting and meeting deadlines, and troubleshooting any problems with the equipment / process.