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Geophysical and Geological Applications Support

Job Description and Requirements

BSc in Geology or Geophysics
An MSc or PhD degree in geosciences is also desirable.
At least 10 years of recent industry experience working on geoscience projects, studies and operations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Duties and responsibilities:
Employing the skills listed, you are required to perform the following:

Work collaboratively with geoscientists to conduct exploration and reservoir characterization studies

Build advanced geoscience workflows incorporating multi-disciplinary data to economically discover, delineate, and develop oil and gas bearing reservoirs with maximum return of investment possible.

Assure bringing G&G software portfolio to the latest and greatest state and apply best practices to achieve collaborative, disciplined and well-governed work environment

Scout for cutting edge technologies and solutions and constantly develop expertise in predominantly evolving areas of research. Adopt and apply IR.4, AI, and DL techniques to automate iterative and laborious tasks and workflows wherever possible.

Develop and deliver customized geoscience training, in specialized areas including basin modeling, geomechanics, rock physics, quantitative and pre-stack seismic interpretation, inversion and advanced seismic attributes