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Maintenance Management Technology Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As successful candidate, you must have a Bachelor degree in an engineering discipline.

You should have 15 years of experience working in either oil fields, refineries, or in gas plant maintenance, with at least 6 months in a high level supervisory position.

You must have excellent knowledge of Maintenance Technology within the oil and gas sector.

You must have outstanding communication skills to coordinate piloting and deploying all new proposed technologies.

You should have an economic background to be able to justify the technology ROI and the benefits of implementing that technology. 

Capable of directing professional consultants in planning and executing engineering studies.

Demonstrate an excellent command of both spoken and written English.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You are required to perform the following: 

Evaluate and consult on engineering problems where standards and precedents and lacking in the field.

Provide effective communication and coordinate with multiple departments across the business to identify, develop, and deploy/pilot technology throughout the company.

Conduct technology evaluation studies on Saudi Aramco facilities and long-term business strategies relating to these facilities to support the technology development agenda.

Lead technology testing and piloting activities, as well as economic analysis of existing and potential new technologies, as related to maintenance management.

Prepare technology development plans to define technology investments, and provide economic justification.

Provide technology related consultation in specific areas of responsibility to operating organizations, engineering, and project management.

Identify screening and validation of Maintenance 

Management Domain Technology gaps, opportunities, 
and challenges.

Sets goals and objectives in assigned area of responsibility.

Participate in studies, evaluations, and investigations in collaboration with other Saudi Aramco, and outside organizations related to new technologies in maintenance and reliability.

Develops plans and provide recommendations for incorporating new technology in Saudi Aramco plants.
Facilitate and manage technology collaboration activities with internal and external consultants.  

Keep abreast of new technologies and developments.

Coordinate with internal corporate subject matter expert groups to ensure aligned technology development.