Saudi Aramco
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Oil Supply Planner/Dispatcher

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will have:

A minimum of eleven years’ experience in oil/gas operations, and at least seven years’ experience as an oil supply planner.  

Thorough knowledge of plant and facilities in the dispatching or planning area.

Mastery of Microsoft Office.

Fluency in English, both verbal and written.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The candidate will be responsible for the following:

Provides training guidance for less experienced Planners/ Dispatchers.

Carries overall responsibility for the planning and scheduling activities.

Performs the normal planning, scheduling and dispatching functions to assure efficient, safe operations, which will most effectively achieve the aims and objectives of the company.

Evaluates unusual or abnormal situations and takes proper action to either correct the problem or analyze and select the best possible alternatives.

Reacts to emergency situations promptly with precise action steps and coordination of any required facilities to correct the situation and/or minimize its effect on other operations.

Takes prompt and proper action in emergency situations results in vast potential savings and protection of personnel and facilities.

Ensures that proper company management personnel are kept informed of critical matters.

Ensures that a continuous log of events is maintained.

Coordinates activities with other shifts to ensure a smooth, continual flow of communications and operations.

Recommends changes in procedures and/or facilities when improvements in operations can result.