Saudi Aramco
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Foreman Drilling & Workover

Job Description and Requirements

A. High School or completion of ITC: English, ERW; Math, MI.

B. Fifteen (15) years related experience of which five (5) years have been with Saudi Aramco.

C. Proven job knowledge to handle operational responsibilities on critical wells as outlined above and demonstrated personnel attributes of sound judgment, dependability, honest work ethic and leadership.


A. B.S. degree in Engineering.

B. 10 years’ experience related to the drilling and/or workover of oil and gas wells.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:

A) Performs Unit level supervisory function at well locations remote to Operations headquarters on a 24 hour per day basis, work schedule 28/28.

B) Directs all well operations expediently, safely and according to accepted industry practices as outlined and specified in the well Drilling or Workover program issued by the Drilling engineering Dept.

C) Co-ordinates the timely ordering of required well materials, equipment and services according to the well program. Documents the receipt, usage and transfer of Saudi Aramco supplied materials and equipment. Reviews service company field tickets for accuracy of services provided and associated charges.

D) Ensures that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing and crew response. Assures that rig and personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures.

E) On rigs contracted to Saudi Aramco, assures compliance with terms, conditions and equipment/personnel as specified in the Contract.

F) Provides headquarters a complete daily report of work progress as required in the Daily Morning Report.

G) Promotes cost-savings ideas and awareness with the view toward operational optimization consistent with safely meeting well objectives.

H) Provides on-job training to less experienced drilling/workover personnel assigned to the rig.