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Industrial Project Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a bachelor's of science in Industrial Engineering 
from a recognized university or equivalent.

You will have ten (15) plus years of field experience in Industrial Engineering. 

Knowledge able about optimization of complex organizations business and construction processes and systems, to prevent waste, redundancies and inefficiency.

Able to perform operational studies to identify improvement opportunities. 

Able to develop and implement Business Improvement Models or methods either technically or administrative to increase organizations productivity focused on clients expectations.

Having a deep understanding of a typical capital project lifecycle preferably in the oil industry or similar process industry.

Deep understanding of Quality Control and Assurance to deliver based on clients expectations.

Able to review construction schedules, engineering specifications, business process flows, and other information to understand methods and activities in manufacturing and services.

Familiar with international technical standards like API, BS, ASME, ISO etc.

Knowledge of engineering software like Autodesk, Matlab etc.

Ability to develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient.

Knowledge and experience in developing company cost estimates and evaluating contractors proposals.

Ability to evaluate and report on frequently basis design, procurement and construction progress and forecast.

Deep understanding of business impacts if failure occur and ability to initiate corrective actions for mitigation purpose. 

Experience in training of staff.

Able to work at the Project site office.

Provides leadership & mentorship.

Proficiency in MS office applications.

Effective communication and organizational skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Reports directly to Department Manager

He/ or she will be involve in, front end, -detailed engineering, -procurement and construction of projects, such as the development of scope, establishment and implementation of technical classifications, defining and monitor and control of project related deliverables (Process In- and Output’s).

Frequently evaluate and report design, procurement or construction progress and forecasts. 

Develop further understanding of construction methods by reviewing project process flows, schedules, and existing engineering specifications.

Implement and monitor corrective actions.

Determine, how to deliver services with greatest efficiency;

Establish management control systems for cost analysis and optimal budget planning;

Execute quality control processes to resolve problems in construction cost-effectively;

Develop and establish project policies and procedures as part of improvement Initiative.

Review and participate in technical bid analysis.

Able to review and analyze project design and construction contractor deliverables. 

Assisting in the expediting of vendor data and drawings of procurement items as required.

Promote HSE compliance within the organization. 

Recommend and implement improvements in the planning and construction process.

Conducts failure or deficiency analysis through utilization of industry recognized tools, standards and techniques.