Saudi Aramco
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Sr Machinist Tech

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will have:

A high school diploma and/or completion of formal apprenticeship program.

A minimum of eleven (11) years of experience in the machinist field.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Provide work direction to a group of machinist technicians generally in the range of from 2-4 personnel.

Locate equipment faults and operating irregularities by making the necessary diagnostic tests, measurements and analyses. This may be done with equipment in place in the field or, if necessary, by stripping equipment down in field or shop. Determines nature of repairs to be made and replacement parts required.

Perform necessary maintenance on assigned equipment, stripping down, replacing, fabricating or re-machining parts as required. Reassembles equipment, runs operating tests to ensure satisfactory repair.

Performs high-skilled diagnostic and machinist tasks as required.

Prepare new or altered installations on all types of mechanical equipment including foundation work, line-up gear box, coupling and speed control settings, then test runs for acceptance.

Set, adjust and perform maintenance on machine tool equipment and balancing machines.

Provide general guidance and work direction for assigned crew members.

Train lower level Machinists as required.

Perform any other job-related tasks.