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Associate Principal

Job Description and Requirements

Education and Professional Certifications 
Candidates must possess a Master’s degree in education and hold North American certification and licensure in school administration.

Work Experience
A minimum of six years of full-time experience in a pre-K-12 school setting is required, of which a minimum of two years would have been dedicated to school administration and the balance to classroom teaching.  

Additional Requirements
Proficiency in spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Arabic is helpful. International school experience and professional membership is preferred.

Duties & Responsibilities:
SAES teachers work collaboratively to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate daily classroom instruction that ensures the success of a diverse population of learners. In addition, teachers are responsible for nurturing positive professional relationships and for working collaboratively with students, parents, and colleagues to optimize the educational experience for the entire learning community. Classroom teachers perform under the supervision of school principals and in frequent partnership with other educators, paraprofessionals, and parent volunteers. 

Among other essential responsibilities, classroom teachers:  

Collaboratively plan and implement rigorous, meaningful, developmentally appropriate classroom instruction and interventions aligned to SAES curriculum. 

Establish and communicate clear learning objectives to students and parents. Hold students to high standards of citizenship, academic achievement, and personal growth. 

Create a positive, safe, and engaging classroom learning environment and contribute to a positive professional school climate and culture. 

Assess and evaluate student learning progress using multiple assessment methods and communicate ongoing, high quality feedback on learning progress. 

Monitor students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth and, when necessary, intervenes and seeks support from appropriate colleagues. 

Modify instruction and provide additional support, as needed, to optimize learning and growth of all students. 

Maintain accurate and confidential student records on attendance, classroom performance, and conduct. 

Uphold and enforce Company and School Board policies, administrative procedures, school rules and regulations. 

Engage actively in ongoing regional, district, school and independent professional learning and development to hone professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.