Saudi Aramco
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Principal - Saudi Aramco Schools

Job Description and Requirements

You must possess a Master’s degree in education, administration, or instructional supervision and hold North American certification in school administration.
You should have a minimum of six years of full-time experience in a PreK-12 school setting, of which a minimum of three years would have been dedicated to school administration and the balance to classroom teaching.
Proficiency in spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Arabic is helpful. International school experience and professional membership is preferred.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Manage the instructional program and supervise operations and personnel at the site level.

Provide educational leadership to ensure high standards of instructional service.

  • Oversee compliance with Company and district policies, as well as the success of educational programs and the operation of all school activities.
  • Ensure the approved curriculum is the basis for classroom instruction and student achievement and is commensurate with established expectations.
  • Lead the school in the development of a school culture aligned with the mission, vision, and values of SAES. 
  • Provide guidance on curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure effective practices in every classroom.
  • Define expectations for staff performance with regard to instructional strategies, classroom management, and parent communication.
  • Encourage parent involvement and provide opportunities for feedback and suggestions.
  • Direct the SAES child study team in identifying and prescribing programs for children with special learning needs.
  • Work collaboratively with other principals, district administration, and central administrative staff on district-wide planning and in areas of shared responsibility.