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Student Services Coordinator

Job Description and Requirements

You must possess a master’s degree in Education or Psychology and be certified to practice as an Educational Psychologist or Special Education Administrator in North America. 
You should have a minimum of eight years of experience, including work both as a psychologist in a school setting and administration of general or special education programs.
You must demonstrate an excellent command of oral and written English. Candidates must demonstrate successful capacity to work collaboratively, as well as independently.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development, maintenance, and evaluation of the programs and services involved in guidance, special student services, secondary school placement, standardized testing programs, and other evaluative activities for the school district. 
  • Plan and coordinate the delivery of the school health services. Among other essential responsibilities, the SAES Student Services Coordinator:
  • Provides program specifications for special student services, including those provided by school psychologists and counselors.
  • Offers technical assistance and training for special services personnel.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures for identification, assessment, placement, and programming for exceptional children in SAES.
  • Identifies and monitors the progress of exceptional students whose needs may exceed the capacity of the established SAES program. Provides recommendations regarding these students to the appropriate company organizations.
  • Complies, analyzes, and reports the results of student achievement testing programs.
  • Screens student dependents of prospective employees for admission to SAES. Secures comprehensive evaluations as necessary.