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Instructional Designer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Education, Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Sciences, or a Technical/Trade/Vocational discipline.  

You will have a minimum of 11 years of work experience, including 5 years of special field experience in Instructional Design, Teaching, or Vocational Training.

You will be able to demonstrate experience in instructional design, including the development of classroom-based learning, e-learning, m-learning and blended learning solutions for a technical workforce.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Design and develop curriculum, instructional material for participants and trainers, assessments, and other evaluation instruments. 
Plan, monitor, and report on the development and execution of projects and provide professional expertise for major projects. 
Perform research and analysis, and develop study reports and proposals related to the future of training and evaluation programs.
Collaborate with subject-matter experts, proponents, and teaching and technical staff to pilot, implement, and evaluate curricula and delivery methodologies in training centers. 
Perform on-site training of teaching staff to ensure that all learning and assessment materials are used effectively. 
Conduct site visits to training centers to provide feedback and support, and submits site visit reports. 
Support the employment screening and testing process, and performs other duties as assigned.

Participate in and directs teams and groups in conducting research, needs analysis and selecting appropriate learning approaches. 

Ensure that all operational tasks are appropriately staffed and meet time, budget, and scope requirements.
Assesse employee performance against goals.
Provide consultative services to Saudi Aramco training partners regarding program design and administration.