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Process Engineer - Distillation, Treating, Sulfur Recovery Unit

Job Description and Requirements

A bachelor degree in chemical engineering from a recognized and approved program. An advanced degree is preferred.

A minimum of 10 years’ experience in refinery or petrochemical operations and engineering, including at least 7 years in Crude/Vacuum Distillation Units, Merox and Amine Treating Units, and Sulfur Recovery Units (Claus Process). Experience with more than one operating facility is strongly desirable, as is experience with more than one process licensor technology.

A solid background developing and understanding the key performance indicators (KPI) involved in operating the process units concerned in terms of meeting the product specifications, energy efficiency, asset management, economics, etc. Knowledge of Solomon indices associated with operation of the process units concerned is an advantage.

Familiarity and understanding of the best practices, design principles, international engineering standards and specifications relevant to operation of the concerned process units. Your knowledge will complement the existing Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards.

Strong written and oral communication skills, with the ability to summarize and explain complex processes and technologies, to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds, in terms suitable for economic evaluations and strategic management decision making.

A thorough knowledge of English is required to perform analyses and studies in depth, make professional presentations and keep up with technical advancements.

Strong mentorship skills with the ability and drive to guide the development of junior engineers that you will interact with.

Ability to work effectively with a minimum of supervision on relatively unstructured tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Review operations of CDU/VDU, Treating and SRU existing facilities to optimize operation by developing key performance indicators (KPIs) that will represent performances in different aspects such as profitability, energy efficiency, reliability, etc.

Perform gap analysis and benchmarking internally among facilities having CDU/VDU, Treating and SRU process units to capture and effectively share best practices. External benchmarking may involve domestic joint-venture facilities or outside oil and gas companies.

Provide inputs of the KPI and gap analysis to the quarterly Performance Dialogue to be reported to management and staff.

Act as the Admin Area overall coordinator for cascading and driving management and corporate programs to the operating facilities for execution and effective monitoring. 

Participate in Business Plan development and coordinate with stakeholders for possible capital investments on assigned process units and support techno-economic evaluations.

Recommend and coordinate proven technology deployments in CDU/VDU, Treating and SRU process units. Liaise with Engineering Services Department for any technology assessment and piloting support.

Enhance the competitiveness of current CDU/VDU, Treating and SRU asset base by capturing integration opportunities between process units and facilities.

Collaborate with joint venture companies, Saudi Aramco subsidiaries, and third-party companies to consolidate best practices related to the operation of CDU/VDU, Treating and SRU. Coordinate implementation of suitable best practices to facilities.

Provide technical expertise to other Technical Support Division subject matter experts to support the Division’s deliverables according to business strategy. Promote a learning environment and implement self-development to maintain and improve expert status within his engineering specialty.

In some cases, represent the Admin Area in corporate committees and initiatives concerning his field of expertise.