Saudi Aramco
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Senior Economist - Domestic Analysis Department

Job Description and Requirements

Ph.D. or equivalent in economics, econometrics, statistics, or a related field.

10 years of experience in the area of economic analysis and research.

Ability to work in multi-cultural and multidisciplinary teams.

Ability to produce high quality reports, studies and presentations.

Ability to deal effectively with other staff and with external stakeholders.

Ability to represent DAD both internally and externally if needed.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Manage and support in all possible forms small teams to deliver analytic functions in support of operations.

Supervise socioeconomic research conducted internally, and monitor and report on research published on areas of interest to DAD.

Analyze and assess economic data, research, policy, and arguments in a logical manner and in line with economic theory.

Assist DAD management and Saudi Aramco management in responding to urgent economic questions and issues based on evidence and analysis.

Assess market conditions and other assessments, as well as monitor and report relevant insights in the area of Saudi Arabia macroeconomics.

Present economic data in formats that are understandable to stakeholders, to other staff, and to senior decision makers.

Conduct economic analysis relevant to operational and policy issues.

Provide well-written economic advice on short turn-around times for a variety of management issues in addition to long-term analysis and forecasts.

Keeping up-to-date with global and domestic development in the fields of energy, economy, and policy and project implications of these development on domestic economy.

Provide training relevant to job requirements to non-economists and staff involved in operations.

Help more junior staff with their development and mentoring.