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Petroleum Systems Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a Bachelors’ degree in Geosciences in Petroleum Geoscience/Geochemistry or closely related Earth Science discipline. A Masters or PhD degree is preferred. 

You will have a minimum of 10 years' experience with a major oil/gas company, and a strong understanding of petroleum systems in tectonically active as well as salt basins.

You will have knowledge of industry software such as PetroMod and Trinity, as well as Petrel.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be expected to perform the following:

Collaborate within the regional and asset teams and integrate a suite of geological, geophysical, and engineering data to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential on the regional scale.

Carry out quality assurance of legacy data and provide petroleum systems context for new and existing plays within the Red Sea.

Perform source rock geochemical analysis including (TOC, Pyrolysis, GC, GCMS, Kerogen microscopy, Vitrinite reflectance ….etc.) and fluid-source correlation studies using Biomarkers, isotopes and oil fingerprinting.

Conduct 1D-3D integrated basin modelling studies to 
evaluate thermal history, access to charge and retained volume for each prospect.

Follow up our daily operations and provide a real-time support for gas analysis for a number of wells. 

Evaluate the current mudstone database and analyze samples for seal capacity prediction, and estimated column heights.

Integrate water chemistry data into 3D migration models and make predictions for the hydrodynamic fluid flow, hydrocarbon migration and entrapment.

Follow up PVT analysis for bottom hole samples and provide interpretation for fluid types and expected CGRs. 

Ensure PVT results integration into 3D models to predict fluid phase and property for next prospects.

Design acquisition programs for geochemical sampling including IsoTube, IsoJar samples for next wells, and provide interpretation for the GC and Isotope results.