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Ward Physician - Anaesthesiology

Job Description and Requirements

• Graduation from a recognized medical school MD.
• One year of internship in a recognized training programme.
• Three years of Residency training in specialty in a recognized training program, plus #’s 5, 6 & 7.
• Two years of Residency training in a specialty in a recognized training program, plus three years of experience in a recognized hospital in the field of his/her specialty, plus #’s 5, 6 & 7.
• Must hold a valid license to practice medicine.
• Excellent command of verbal and written English.
• Ability to adjust to group practice in an industrial environment.

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Ward Physician to support ICU.
• To evaluate patients in the Emergency Room at the request of Emergency Medical Service physicians.
• Assists in admission procedures of patients to the in-patient service, whether it is ICU or a general ward.
• Performs initial work-up and evaluation of patients admitted to the ward.
• Follow-up patients during the hospital stay and plan the management of these patients under the supervision of the attending specialist.
• Make daily rounds on the in-patient service and make management decisions under the supervision of the attending specialist and in consultation with the various sub-specialty services.
• Makes discharge plans and discharges patients home or to another facility in consultation with attending specialists.
• Dictates Discharge Summaries.
• Provides on-call coverage for the in-patient service on a rotational basis (on average once every 4 days). When on-call, the Ward Physician must stay in the hospital to respond to requests of the nurses to evaluate patients.
• Obtain the assistance of other specialists or various sub-specialists when in need, especially when the patient is facing a life-threatening situation.
• Performs procedures as indicated and outlined in the incumbent’s request for privileges and approved by the Credentials Committee.
• Provides escort services to patients transferred to other hospitals.
• Provides supervision and education to the Professional Development Physicians and Interns.
• Attends and participates in the monthly staff meeting of the Anesthesiology Service.
• Participates and contributes to all educational activities of the service (ie Jornal Club, Ward Physician Teaching Conferences).
• Participates and contributes to all the quality improvement activities of the Service (ie daily morning Chief of Service report, monthly Mortality and Morbidity Conferences and Peer Review)
• Provides services to the out-patient clinic and follow-up of certain patients discharged from the hospital.