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Security Intelligence Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you hold a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Political Science, International Studies or related subject.  

A minimum of five (5) years of non-military work experience within the intelligence field, with an emphasis on intelligence collection, intelligence management, and intelligence analysis; preferably in law enforcement or criminal intelligence environment.

Able to manage a large workload and maintain acceptable quality standards

Strong communication and organization skills

Genuine team player

Expert in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) field with advanced proficiency in commercially available data collection tools 

Proficient in Data analytics tools & techniques and advanced in Microsoft Office Excel  

Advanced knowledge of field related systems, intelligence tools and technologies

Highly adaptable to new environments, systems, processes and procedures

Open mindset and able to exercise judgment with discretion

Able to introduce and maintain constant improvement to the work environment

Duties & Responsibilities:
Provide recommendations on best intelligence, Open Source (OSINT) and commercially available data analytics tools and technologies.

Develop plans to anticipate, predict, detect and report potential security threats.

Perform a full range of intelligence including; Collecting, analyzing, and processing data using internal and external sources to produce a comprehensive model of trends and actionable intelligence. 

Transfer intelligence field knowledge.

Develop security intelligence policies, guidelines and educational materials.

Identify key performance indicators and support in the gathering, and reporting process. 

Assist intelligence team to maintain the highest standard of work quality. 

Continually enhance intelligence process and strategies. 

Communicate intelligence findings to management.


Liaise with stakeholders, local officials and foreign organizations as required.

Keep accurate records and update progress of activities. 

Provide advices to individuals on the intelligence process and resolve related issues. 

Prepare reports backed by appropriate evidence.

Adhere to Government and corporate policies and procedure; particularly those related to handling sensitive information.

Maintain the highest level of ethical standards.