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Digital Marketing Strategist

Job Description and Requirements

Essential: Bachelor's degree in advertising, design, digital communication, or a related field.
A documented, proven track record for driving results through SEO or a related interactive performance media discipline.
Preferably, a minimum of 2-3 years of SEO/SEM experience. 
Experience in client services in related disciplines (PPC, Display Media, Social Media, etc.) is a plus.
Creativity. You should be a marketer/advertiser as much as you are an SEO.
A strong customer service orientation and the ability to communicate with different types of stakeholders.
Knowledge of white hat SEO/SEM methods and best practices.
Knowledge and understanding of current search engine algorithms/methods.
Exposure to off-site SEO and understanding of how content promotion fits into an enterprise SEO strategy.
Basic programming and web design knowledge, and how it affects SEO.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Fulfill delivery of SEO strategy, including: keyword phrase research, technical/performance website audits, user experience as it relates to SEO, and off-site performance.
Manage multiple long-term SEO campaigns. Deliver recommendations and monthly performance reports.
Develop and oversee execution of strategic online customer acquisition plans designed to maximize volume, conversion, and ROI.
Research and analyze industry changes/developments in search engine optimization.
Navigate a variety of analytics tools to mine the appropriate performance data (experience with analytics programs (e.g., Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Moz, Bright edge, Tableau, etc.) is an asset.