Saudi Aramco
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Facility Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

Planning and Initiation of capital budget items and preparation of expenditure request justification with financial analysis.

Developing specific requirements of projects or major facility activities from the date the project/activity is conceived until completed. This includes preparation of proposal and expenditure request, consultation with proponent and management, design, materials ordering, scheduling, liaison with the construction forces, and following the job until a satisfactory completion.

Multi-disciplinary design reviews of facility infrastructure and systems.

Leading project and operations inspections and compliances

Commissioning and startup of facility components and systems.

Lead systems failure troubleshooting and/or coordinating with responsible operations and maintenance entities.

Operations and maintenances scheduling and implementation.

Development of Standard Operating Procedures and maintenance processes and practices. 

Development of facility services contracts and managing implementations

Managing budgets and ensuring cost-effectiveness

Managing and overseeing building projects, renovations or refurbishments

Managing and leading changes to ensure minimum disruption to core activities

Ensure facility meet health and safety requirements 

Coordinating or leading various teams to cover various areas of responsibility

Attending and responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and deal with the consequences.