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Management & Professional Trainer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a human resource discipline. A master’s degree is preferred. 

You will have 6-10 years of experience in the delivery of training programs focused on leadership, management, and professional development. You will have experience in preparing a classroom learning environment and conducting training for 5 to 100 participants. 

You will also have proven experience as a workshop facilitator delivering leadership, management, and supervisory knowledge and skills. You will be able to prepare a training classroom environment as well as conduct and evaluate courses. You must have a strong ability to develop and maintain relationships at different levels within the organization and expert ability to effectively manage a classroom environment during training.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Present structured content in a way that inspires participants toward greatness.

Conduct leadership, management, and supervisory courses and learning content.

Successfully complete and maintain certifications.
Continually gain up-to-date knowledge on leadership, management, and supervisory soft skills.

Collaborate with other learning professionals in the development of new course material.

Review curricula and make recommendations on utilizing state-of-the-art training aids and techniques, including computer-based and interactive training systems. 

Assist in other divisional activities either directly or indirectly related to divisional training.

Under the direction of the supervisor, conduct classroom training and assist in field training activities.

Be an effective team member who consistently practices proven characteristics of effective teaming.