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Security Vetting Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a bachelor’s degree in business, criminal justice, international studies, or a related subject. An advanced degree in business, national security, criminal justice, or other field related specialty would be advantageous.

A minimum of 6 years of experience with personnel security clearance or public related investigations.

A good work ethic and ability to operate with ease in a busy role.

An ability to balance work volume with rigorous quality standards.

Responsive and quality customer service.

Strong organizational and personal communications skills.

Professionalism and a personable and engaging approach.

Proficient with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other systems.

Knowledgeable of field related systems, intelligence tools, and technologies.

Highly adaptable and able to learn new systems, processes, and procedures.

Have an inquisitive mindset and be able to exercise judgement with discretion.

A high level of personal integrity and mindful of the handling of sensitive information.

Able to deliver quality administrative work on a deadline.

Previous experience of evaluating performance reports or similar documents is highly desirable.

A self-starter and learner

A high level of attention to detail and concern for quality.

An ability to evaluate and recommend constant improvement.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The analyst is expected to contribute heavily with his expertise and consultation to streamline the group processes and functions. Specific duties will include the following:

Processing clearances and managing a caseload will be the core role for this position. 

Assisting the BIG Group Leader and other team members as required, which could include access control duties, assisting in developing processes and procedures, attending meetings in an advisory role ,and serving as a liaison to stakeholders.

Assessing risk associated with potential employment candidates and existing employees that can be used as a tool for various security related investigations.

Training other CSSD employees in developing risk assessments and using them effectively to support security related functions.

Working with other teams within CSSD to provide relevant risk assessments and counter measures on various subjects.

Preparing factual and analytical reports that address issues relevant to the subject of a personnel security investigation.

Providing recommendations and consulting with stakeholders regarding a subject’s suitability for hiring or advanced clearance.

Conducting comprehensive briefings to management regarding findings and recommendations.

Performing quality control functions for background investigations submitted by BIG team members.

Supporting the gathering and monitoring of key performance indicators related to the process of security screening.

Developing and maintaining personnel security policies and education materials for employee development and instructional purposes.

Managing a large caseload; processing clearances; verifying and handling sensitive documentation (passport, driving license, academic documents, and education certificates); and liaising with contract service providers, local officials, and foreign government organizations as required.

Keeping accurate records and updating progress of caseloads.

Supporting BIG security vetting enhancement projects as required within BIG.
Providing advice to individuals on the clearance process and resolving related issues by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings.

Preparing case reports backed by appropriate evidence.

Adhering to policies and procedures.