Saudi Aramco
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Wellhead Engineering Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

As a successful candidate, you will hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably mechanical or petroleum engineering.

You will have a minimum of 15 years of experience in Wellhead and Drilling Engineering, of which at least 10 years is in the wellhead equipment specialty.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:

Review and optimize, through collaboration with various departments, the wellhead equipment configurations/designs for conventional and complex onshore, offshore, and deepwater wells.

Provide support for drilling and workover operations on the Saudi Aramco oil, gas, and exploratory rigs.

Write the wellhead equipment specification for all types of wells in full compliance with the relevant international and Saudi Aramco standards (oil, water, gas, and exploratory wells).

Produce the wellhead equipment specification for special projects and type of wells in full compliance with the relevant international and Saudi Aramco standards, in addition to the latest qualified new wellhead equipment patents and designs. 

Review the wellhead suppliers’ technical offers and confirm full compliance with Saudi Aramco and international reference standards. 

Conduct technical reviews and evaluations to introduce and qualify new suppliers products for wellheads, issue Trial Test Requests (TTR) for the new wellhead equipment trial on Saudi Aramco wells, follow up on the wellhead supplier performance during manufacturing and installation on rig location, and issue feedback on the success or otherwise of the new wellhead product or wellhead supplier.

Perform time failure root cause analysis for any wellhead equipment failure on rigs location and issue the recommendation to prevent the recurrence of the failure.

Assume ownership of relevant Saudi Aramco General Instructions and standards and, when applicable, recommend improvements to operational processes and guidelines.

Extend training and technical support to junior engineers and ensure the sustained meeting of regional and global standards, practices, and procedures.