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Financial Accounting Advisor - Capital Programs Finance Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a bachelor’s degree in a related engineering specialty. A graduate degree in management (MBA or engineering management) is strongly desired as well as finance and/or management focused advanced professional competence evidenced by professional licenses and/or other forms of continuing professional education. 

You should have minimum of 9 years of relevant experience in relevant industries, which may include experience in financial analysis, procurement, research, cost engineering, mergers and acquisitions, process/change management or strategy/management consulting. Specific operational experience in energy (oil/gas/power), infrastructure, utilities (public and/or private), government sector and public administration would be desirable. Specific procurement and/or claims administration experience is also desirable.

Negotiation and leadership skills are highly desirable. Proficiency in oral and written English is a must. SAP or equivalent ERP systems experience is highly desirable.

Also, you should:

Possess significant relevant experience within the petrochemical, power, and/or oil and gas industries or in procurement, which will allow the applicant to be considered a subject matter expert. 

Have the ability to establish personal credibility with management staff and various internal customers.

Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills. 

Be a team player, be able to plan and coordinate their own workload, and meet challenging deadlines. 

Be able to add value by delivering work of the highest quality and be able to proactively overcome issues to ensure delivery of sound recommendations.

Have demonstrated financial analytical skills that include the ability to evaluate both industry and individual company information. 

Be able to work with minimal supervision, possess good project and people management skills and be able to offer logical and innovative solutions to customers’ complex issues.  

Be willing to travel as required.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will also be required to perform the following:

Review the financial aspects of contracts and agreements in coordination with proponent organizations and stakeholders. 

Maintain/establish effective controls to ensure contracts are negotiated effectively from a financial perspective. 

Review and approve actions within delegated authority limits as established by policy. Refers unusual issues to the appropriate levels of management accompanied by recommendations of alternative actions.

Establish controls and ensure that appropriate systems reports, reconciliations, and tracking mechanisms are maintained to facilitate control over activities falling within the responsibility of the Divisions. 

Analytical studies of complex procurement related issues/problems and recommend solutions to management including matters not covered by standard practice or precedent.

Identify major problems, define alternatives and select/recommend actions to produce optimum financial and contract execution efficiencies and results.

Initiate and direct studies to improve documentation and control systems. Recommend improved procedures and changes to policy. Coordinates with other Saudi Aramco departments on such matters where necessary.

Maintain a positive work environment demonstrating respect, openness, and professionalism, and sets high ethical standards.

Your additional Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Functional/provisions review on all contract actions falling within Controller’s threshold.

Review/analyze commercial bid evaluations related to contract procurements.

Prepare briefing papers for Senior VP, Finance, for all major procurement actions.

Compliance review of Short Form Contract, Mid Form Contract, Change Orders, and Authorized Expenditures Levels.

Participate in the negotiations of sole source contract actions and amendments.  
Provide advisory services to stakeholders on procurement actions on an as requested and/or taskforce basis. 

Maintain systems control and undertake exception reporting, analysis and resolution.

Participate in claims dispute resolution activities on procurement actions falling within the divisional threshold.