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Senior Refining Specialist

Job Description and Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or a related specialty from a leading university.
  • MBA or Master’s degree in Economics from a leading university.
  • A minimum of 15 years of experience in analyzing refining industry trends. Five or more years of relevant modeling and forecasting experience with a large refining consultancy, and at least 10 years of industry experience. Experience with one of the leading industry consulting and forecasting firms (e.g., OPEC, the IEA, the EIA, Wood Mackenzie, HIS, PIRA, FACTS, etc.) is preferred.
  • Thorough understanding of refining is required to conduct insightful economic analysis of capital investments.
  • Solid understanding of the strengths and limitations of various modeling techniques and methodologies, when applied to forecasting future trends of the general refining market and to specific products.
  • Ability to look at a situation both from a general perspective, as well as to penetrate into issues in depth when required.
  • Intellectually curious and keeping abreast of topics that affect the evolving refining markets.
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively with management at all levels within the organization.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to communicate complex technical and commercial concepts in a clear and succinct manner, to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds.
  • A hands-on person who will immediately achieve the professional respect of others possessing long-time practical experience of working in or serving the refining industry. Person whom others, at all levels, will seek out for advice and counsel.
  • Able to work effectively with a minimum of supervision on relatively unstructured tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

  • Develop the Company’s short- and long-term global refining industry outlooks, including: global and regional changes in capacity levels, changes in crude and other feedstock, total production rates by major product groups, global and regional trade balances, and the general industry margins and profitability trends.
  • Develop long-term products price forecasts by product type and region, to serve as the basis for the evaluation of investment opportunities.
  • Monitor and assess the impact of international regulations on the global and regional refining business.
  • Prepare quality reports and presentations for inclusion in the business plan and global outlook, and present to management.
  • Provide analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of current and future trends in support of projects, processes, and financing related to Saudi Aramco capital investment decisions in the refining sector.
  • Regularly follow up on refining market trends and new developments.
  • Developing and maintaining contact within the industry.
  • Report on issues that are relevant to Saudi Aramco’s refining activities based on market intelligence.
  • Provide expert judgment, by way of thorough analysis to queries from management on refining issues.
  • Regularly interacts with other professionals in various company organizations involved in capital planning and economic analysis.
  • Assists in the training, development, and mentoring of younger staff.
  • Develop, maintain, and utilize an extensive external network of contacts, including: strategic advisors, investment banks, international and national oil and gas companies, think tanks, academics, and consultants.
  • Represent Saudi Aramco at industry conferences and seminars.
  • Represent Strategy & Market Analysis and the Global Analysis Department, by delivering high level industry talks and seminars to visiting entities.