Saudi Aramco
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Construction Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will have a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering, preferably Civil Engineering.

You will require a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience’ in construction or associated engineering fields.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Provide engineering direction and control of assigned projects, and be responsible for preplanning, scheduling, execution and the close out of these projects. 

Serve as the engineer in charge of the construction of major projects at various stages of development, which will require you to provide direction to junior engineers that are responsible for all phases of construction while receiving the minimum supervisory guidance. 

Conduct engineering analysis from current or completed jobs to establish usage factors needed by departments or by construction estimators to forecast labor, tools and equipment required.

Support construction engineers by furnishing data of engineering, financial or general statistical nature that is required for controlling project costs.

Make "on-the-job" analysis of conditions, which may be causing actual costs to deviate from estimated costs.

Apply necessary measures on project controls, safety, quality and integrity. Ensure access to project site for those who are involved in project construction, and assist in obtaining work permits.

Work as job expeditor for better construction efficiency. Manage project close out and signing of Mechanical Completion Certificate (MCC).