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Refining Process Configuration and Catalysis Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

The successful candidate must hold a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry with a preferred focus on oil and gas or energy studies.

You must have at least 5 years of industrial or academic relevant experience, with 10 years of experience preferred. 

You must have a record of publications in recognized international peer reviewed journals, conference participation, and patenting activity.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

  • Remain updated with the current developments in the field of specialization, identify current industry challenges in the refining and downstream business, perform literature surveys and technology landscaping in support of current and future research activities, and be able to write patents and publish technical findings in international peer reviewed journals and conferences.
  • Propose and manage new research programs, participate in existing research programs, develop research strategies and plans, develop new processes and catalyst solutions to tackle current and future refining and upgrading challenges. 
  • Engage with refining business operations and directors to identify critical downstream business needs and develop business-driven research-based solutions.
  • Exhibit excellent collaborative skills to work with multidisciplinary teams and initiate and manage collaborative projects to expedite the delivery of goals. Collaborative work is expected within the same unit, division, department, and across organizations, and in international collaboration, in the best way to protect the Company interests while achieving the research goals and objectives. 
  • Perform business assessments of project economics, including the development of project business plans and milestones, and financial analysis of proposed new technologies, and economically manage projects and technologies.
  • Participate in different internal committees as a technical Subject Matter Expert for refining and upgrading related initiatives and programs. 
  • Exhibit excellent self-drive, continuous self-development, communicate and discuss expectations and performance, and develop other employees.