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Museum & Collection Registrar

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree in museum studies, anthropology, geology, biological sciences, or a related field; or an equivalent combination of education/job related experience. A master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a related field is desirable but not compulsory.
You will have at least 5 years of experience in museum registration and/or collection management in museum collections. In relation to the type of objects, you should be able to demonstrate your conservation experience on objects related to contemporary and modern art, paintings, sculptures, glass, compound objects where textiles, wood, metal, and synthetic materials are involved, modern materials, book and paper, biological, paleontological, and cultural collections.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

  • Responsible for documentation of objects in the Museum's care. 
  • Maintain and secure all the material for public programs.
  • Maintain and develop the Museum databases for the exhibitions, collections management, and programs.
  • Create and maintain all collections documentation and files, including deeds of gift, accessions, deaccessions, appraisals, incoming/outgoing loans, and permits and reports. 
  • Maintain the museum archives and media collections. 
  • Assist with installation, de-installation, and condition reporting, packing, and shipping of objects. 
  • Manage requests for images, rights, and reproductions. 
  • Coordinate insurance requirements for objects on loan or special exhibition, or recommends insurance coverage on parts of or entire collection, programs, and/or operations. 
  • Assist in the development and implementation of collection policies and procedures, including security, disaster, and emergency plans. 
  • Train and work with assistants and volunteers to carry out registration activities.