Saudi Aramco
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Project Economics & Management Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

You will hold a bachelor degree in physical sciences, engineering, or project management from a recognized and approved program. An advanced degree is preferred. 

You will have 13 years of experience in financial modeling and/or market forecasting in an industrial, manufacturing, or research environment, including at least 5 years as a specialist.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Provide project management services to R&DC, and Saudi Aramco subsidiaries and affiliates.

Provide economic evaluation of the value of specific projects, as well as evaluations on the portfolio of research projects. Study and report on project economic performance and sensitivities. Apply advanced knowledge of a specific field to look in-depth at information pertaining to the assigned area. Act as a resource in providing information and recommendations to management in the implementation of new solutions and procedures. 

Apply fundamental concepts of project management, practices, and procedures to analyze data and create informative reports. Maintain and continuously improve the project management system for achieving goals and objectives, through daily actions and recommendations. 

Ensure process documentation is current at all times. 

Perform scheduled as well as random audits to ensure compliance. Proposes process changes as necessary for sustained compliance and improved performance. 

Develop and tests the efficiency and effectiveness of controls. Develops and monitors an action plan for effective remediation in the event of any deficiencies. 

Develop relationships with the business locally, as well as the Division and Department, to ensure alignment of activities and objectives. 

Review various audit results to identify systemic issues, and recommends and implements necessary actions. 

Perform special projects and other duties as assigned.