Saudi Aramco
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Corporate Venture Capital Senior Investment Director

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will have a Bachelor and Master’s degree, preferably combining engineering/science 
and management/finance disciplines from a reputable university. Professional certifications in desired skill areas
is an advantage, i.e., CFA or equivalent.

You will have a minimum of 15 years of experience combining venture capital, corporate venture capital, corporate development, consulting, investment banking, private equity, and start-up leadership or related fields, with a minimum of nine years in venture capital or corporate venture capital.

You must be able to demonstrate investment experience across the full venture investment life-cycle, and have the ability to work across international cultures, as well as between corporate and start-up company cultures. An understanding of technical and market trends in the energy sector is a must.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Interface with regional investment teams and maintain alignment and effective working relationships. 

Participate in stage-gating decisions and negotiation for follow-on investments and exit transactions, and decisions on shareholder actions.
Participate in critical discussions with corporate business units to identify collaboration opportunities with the portfolio and accelerate deployment of technologies.

Review term sheets for new investments. Review Investment Memoranda for recommendation of investments to the Investment Committee, and present to SAEV CIO & CEO for execution.

Oversee the coordination of presentations to Investment Committee. 

Oversee transaction closing processes, ensuring compliance with SAEV investment process. 

Review transaction and shareholder approval documents and present to SAEV CIO & CEO for execution.

Contribute to strategic and tactical decision-making across all aspects of SAEV operations as part of SAEV global management team.

Guide global investment teams on strategy and focus areas, and prioritization of opportunities, in alignment with corporate priorities. 

Ensure investments meet program objectives for financial return and strategic benefits. 

Assist the technology evaluation team in assessment of commercial viability of new technologies. Recommends investments and shareholder actions to the SAEV Investment Committee and SAEV global management team. Participates in stage-gating and negotiation strategies related to new investments, follow-on investments, portfolio management, and exit. Reports on global portfolio energy CVC program performance to SAEV IC and Board. Participates in strategic and tactical decision-making.