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Vibration Engineer

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized and approved program. An advanced degree is preferred. 

You will have a minimum of 12 years of extensive experience in rotating and static equipment vibration measurements and analysis, with preferably at least 50% of that time spent working on projects in the oil and gas industry.

Additional experience required:

You must be able to:

- Perform vibration measurements

- Perform complex vibration measurements, i.e., structural modal and ODS testing.

- Model and review rotor dynamics designs for rotating equipment

- Perform modal analysis of machinery parts and systems to identify failure modes.

- Design detailed vibration tests for rotating equipment and piping and structure systems.

- Perform vibration related software simulations for rotating and static equipment.

Be fully familiar with international codes that are related to vibration of rotating equipment, instrumentation, protection system, and condition monitoring systems.

Have an in-depth knowledge of Mechanical Engineering principles and the ability to reflect them in engineering projects from conceptual to detailed engineering stages.

Conduct equipment vibration assessment and make decisions on continued use or shutting down.

You must have extensive experience in the measurement and analysis of vibration and configuration of online monitoring systems. 

Experience with the maintenance programs and setting vibration monitoring programs for operating facilities.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will provide the following general engineering consultations focusing on vibration engineering issues. You shall provide technical support to Saudi Aramco projects and operations, and occasionally to joint venture operations.

Provide consultation to Saudi Aramco field operations in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, including terminals.

Be part of the standard committees in Saudi Aramco related to your field of expertise.

Write company standards, procedures and best practices in your area of expertise. Serve on international standards writing bodies as the opportunity allows.

Provide consultation and review of capital project engineering design packages. Attend project review meetings in or out of the Kingdom, as needed.
Develop new technologies and apply these new technologies to Saudi Aramco operations. Apply for patents when appropriate.

Participate in providing training courses to developing engineers.
Mentor young engineers and publish technical papers.

Lead or be a team member in special teams and task forces, such as; incident investigation teams, value engineering teams, organizational improvement teams, etc.