Saudi Aramco
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Occupational Health Practitioner

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution/school in medical school with a valid license to practice medicine. 

You must have at least three years of internship and residency from an approved Occupational Medicine program.

You must be certified by either the American Board of Preventive Medicine (Occupational Medicine)/ Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the UK/ The Royal College of Physicians of Canada).

You must be able to speak, write and present reports or articles in English using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels.

You are also required to obtain a valid driver’s license and have met company requirements to operate a Saudi Aramco vehicle.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Practice the full range of responsibilities as an Occupational Medicine Consultant including developing policies, GIs and procedures. 

Advise corporate management on the Occupational Medicine issues. 

Oversee and assess 3rd medical providers in the areas: 
Rehab/Back to work program, 
Time off/Attendance Management Program, 
Fitness for duty and Clinical assessment. 

Evaluate placement physicals for compatibility with the jobs demands; 
periodic physicals for management of correctable conditions; 
special physicals for monitoring hazardous exposures; 
termination physicals for documenting the validity claims. 

Plan certain industrial rehabilitation services, such as frequency- selective hearing aids for cases with acoustic trauma in the Hearing Conservation Program. 

Recommend individual job restrictions for employees with physical and health handicaps. 

Work in partnership with Industrial Hygiene to detect any job-related medical hazards. 

Collaborate with Industrial Hygiene & Loss Prevention to eliminate such hazards. 

Implement the Ministry of Labor's Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Regulations. 

Oversee risk management programs including surveillance, risk characterization and employee enrolment. 

Produce medicolegal advice for industrial claims when requested by the Company, Ministry of Labor, or GOSI Boards of Compensation. 

Serve as the corporate consultant with regards to recent technical advances in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of occupationally related diseases. 

Analyze and interpret statistical data for evaluation of component programs. Produce special studies as required.