Saudi Aramco
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Environmental Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold either a Bachelor degree from an accredited institution in Environmental and/or Public Health, toxicology or Science degree plus nine years of professional in environmental/public health or toxicology activities. 
You will hold a Master degree from an accredited institution in environmental health/public health, toxicology or Science degree plus seven years of experience in the field of environmental/public health or toxicology, or a related field.

In addition:
You must hold a certification from a recognized professional organization that represents environmental/public health or related disciplines is required.

You must have the ability to speak, write and present reports or articles in English using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels.

You must obtain a valid Saudi Arabian driver’s license and have met company requirements to operate a Saudi Aramco vehicle.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

Performs a wide range of environmental activities for the Company, with specific focus on environmental and public health. 

Provides consultation in a specific area of discipline for Company, national and international organizations. This includes determining, evaluating, and recommending controls to eliminate environmental and health risks in work and surrounding areas to protect the public health and the environment from harmful pollution. 

Initiates, plans and directs either routine or special studies/initiatives of various disciplines as work director/team leader. 

Establishes objectives and methodologies; reviews data collected and analyzed by the team and prepares and presents final reports and scientific papers. 

Identifies and facilitates technology implementation into company operations which enhance environmental and public health standards. 

Establishes criteria, evaluates compliance and develops corrective measures to improve environmental performance in all areas of the Company. 

Develops criteria and directs the teams responsible for assessing and reporting on environmental compliance in all areas of Company business. 

Develops criteria and directs the teams responsible for assessing and reporting on environmental compliance in all areas of Company business. 

Evaluates the viability and effectiveness of ongoing environmental compliance and awareness programs. 

Provides work direction for subordinate engineers, scientists and technicians. 

Responsible for developing performance criteria for teams and personnel, including development of professionals and coordination of work activities. 

Supervision is limited to periodic spot checks on work in progress and reviews of completed reports and surveys, together with advice and consultation on matters of Company policy, procedures and standards. 

Serve as a technical consultant within the department and to other Company departments and the national government, local industries, and international organizations on request. 

The incumbent is considered an expert in one or more of the following environmental fields: environmental health, control of public health hazards and general environmental compliance. 

Provide leadership and expert toxicology advice and services including hazard evaluations, risk assessment, health risk communications. 

Develop strategies on new and developing toxicology issues related to operations. 

Develop, review, update and maintain a toxicology database pertaining to Saudi Aramco products and chemicals in the operations. 

Anticipate, review, and ensure compliance with international agencies protocols and programmes as applicable where there is an impact to global business.