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Senior Theater Specialist / Production Manager

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in theater, theatrical studies, and English literature, creative practice, and direction or a related field. 

You will have ten (10) years of experience in the production and technical areas of the performing arts.

Knowledge and experience in theatre production administration.

A proven track record of successfully coordinating all aspects of theatrical productions.

Knowledge of the international Performing Arts industry, including centers, theatres, opera houses, and companies.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Central point of contact for production and technical related matters within the theater and other projects.
  • Work closely with the Performing Arts team in developing plans and schedules to ensure the timely delivery of production elements.
  • Communicate schedule and planning information and changes to all relevant parties.
  • Coordinate technical scheduling for performing arts
  • Liaise with international contractors and performing arts companies to coordinate receiving shows.
  • Preparation of service provider scopes of work and contracts.
  • Administration of service provider contracts.
  • Report on the performance of service contracts and contractor obligations.
  • Ensure all production documentation is up to date, filed and accessible.
  • Liaise internally with center components to help execute the requirements of performing arts.